Wednesday, October 21, 2009


"I just don't get it. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I don't know what to do with the information you just gave me. Do I respond? Do I forget it? Do I file it away - but if I file it away - where do I put it? Can I just give it back to you? Would that be okay? That way, you can figure out what to do with can even change it if you want to since it's technically your information anyway. I might get it screwed up or something and I wouldn't want to do that. So, I'm returning it - unwanted AND unused."

My Reflection:

Sometimes people will give me more information than I can handle which leaves me either feeling confused or uncomfortable. I know I'm guilty of that myself sometimes - particularly when I see my kid's eyes roll back in their head or my husband start to nod off. I guess I'm afraid they won't get the whole picture if I don't fill in all the parts. I keep forgetting that people like to fill in their own parts and only need a few key dots (like draw-by-numbers art) to create an image that makes sense to them.

The worst is when I get personal information I don't know what to do with. Personal information that is so graphic, so distinct so...NOT MY BUSINESS - that it feels like it's literally branded into my brain, destined to stay there forever. Like The Befuddler, I'd love to just give it back and clear my head of all traces of it.

What do you do with too much information?


pberger007 said...

This may be trivial, but it depends who and why you got to much info from. Will this added info make you a better person for knowning about it or would it hurt someone if you were to go to someone else with this info.
Maybe if this to much info came from a writting you may get bored with it or maybe this to much info will give you a different side/slant on something that you never considered or knew about.
To much info just depends if it should be locked away because it would not make anyone or anything any better or maybe it will open more vistas for us to think about.
Have I given you to much info?

Sue Ellen said...

Ha! No, you've not given me too much information - I think your observation is right on the money. I think some (personal) information can be useful - particularly if it helps us to connect in some way - get to know each other or support one another. Unfortunately, a lot of information gets passed on which ends up not doing anybody any good at all. The art of knowing how much info to give - how much to take in and how much to pass on is an on-going dilemma!