Sunday, January 17, 2010

THE SNEAK - 105/365

"Nothing is going on...nothing is happening. Well, okay... maybe something did happen but I didn't tell MYSELF it was happening so if I didn't tell myself then it as far as I'm concerned it didn't happen."

My Reflection:

To fool myself is the worst kind of betrayal and yet that's what I do when I try and pretend something isn't bothering me. It's like trying to pretend I don't have a headache when my head is pounding or that the fire detector battery isn't beeping. I start out pretending not to notice, then I notice but pretend not to care but in the end, I always end up admitting the truth to myself so I have no idea why I don't just do it in the first place.

Perhaps learning to be true to myself comes from finding the courage to acknowledge the feelings I'm pretending not to have.

What do you try and keep from yourself?

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