Wednesday, January 27, 2010


"I try really hard to make a difference but no matter how hard I scream..."LOOK AT ME...LOOK AT WHAT I'M DOING" one notices - it's as if I don't exist. Of course I don't scream out loud that would be very embarrassing."

My Reflection:

I often say if I can make a difference my life will have meaning...but sometimes I wonder if I really want to make a difference or I just want to be "noticed" for making a difference? And of course my ego wants it to be a BIG difference.

When I think about it, the opportunity to make a BIG difference doesn't come around that often and can also come with a fair amount of "self-destruction."

But what if I believe that opening a door, smiling at a stranger or giving someone a hug is as important as being recognized for "saving the world?"
In the end, perhaps the smallest actions we take every day are what end up making the biggest difference.

How are you saving the world?

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