Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I've managed to bead up the back of the head to just above the ears but now what?  Do I make a circle and join the ends together or go for a half-moon; travel up and over to the forehead?  I've decided to make the loop and then figure out the rest.

 Whew...that was scary.  Wasn't sure it would work but it did - for now anyway.  Got the beads to go all of the way around the forehead and meet up with the ones on the other side.  But now what?

 As you can see, I've connected them together but if I continue on toward the back of the head, when I get to the front again there will be a serious problem; I've got to figure out a way to get back to that place in front of the ear where it dips going counter-clockwise in order to even up the row.  Normally, I'd just work my way there by sewing back through the beads but they are too small and the extra thread will make it impossible to sew through them again which I have to do to keep going.

So, I've decided to sew down to the bottom and embellish a small section with the black garnets that will eventually surround his head and neck.  This takes me to the place I need to be to even up the row without filling the bead holes with too much unwanted thread.  Now to finish the row.

Now that the row is complete, it feels like I need to go back to the peyote stitch in order to tighten it up around the top...not sure if that's going to give me the look I want but this is where my inexperience rears its head.  I hate it when the final product doesn't match the image I have in my mind but I'm going to keep going anyway.

It feels like I need to decrease and perhaps bring back the copper bead so I'm going to skip every other bead, insert a copper one then pull it together on the next row.  I'm wondering how a right-angle weave done in black garnets might look on top of his head?


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debhunter3@comcast.net said...

This whole process is absolutely fascinating. I love seeing what you are doing, but at the same time getting a glimpse into the challenges of realizing the vision you have for the piece. The beads are inexorably growing up the head. Can't wait to see what you do with those ears!!!!!