Saturday, November 21, 2009


"I like being looked at but I'm not crazy about getting picked. Why don't you choose that pink one on the other bush instead or better yet, get one at the grocery's almost dead anyway. I'll last longer and definitely be happier in my own environment."

My Reflection:

Like a flower on a bush, sometimes it's easier and more comfortable to stay in my own environment instead venturing out into the unknown. But I notice that when I do the same things over and over - go to the same places - with the same people, I fail to really "see" things anymore. My eyes are open but they aren't really taking things in.

I've wondered what it would be like to spend an entire day pretending I'm from another planet and really looking at things as if I'd never seen them before. I can do it for a minute or two but I get bored and then start thinking of things I have to do.

Maybe I should have a more realistic goal - instead of a whole day, I'll just make a commitment to pretend I'm from another planet once a day - just long enough to notice one thing. That shouldn't be too hard - according to my family, I act like I'm from another planet all of the time!

Do you really "see" things?

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