Friday, July 31, 2015

You may wonder why I'm posting these drawing studies on this blog about talking heads. They are some of the first projects for the drawing class I'm taking with Catherine Johnson, a wonderful artist/teacher here in Kirkland, WA. 

I loved to draw when I was young but really never spent a lot of time perfecting the craft. I learned bits and pieces in art school but I was mainly there to focus on commercial art not "fine" art. 

I find the studies Catherine assigns intriguing; often I feel my brain knows exactly what to do but my hand just won't cooperate! I also love that it forces me to "see" in a different way. As I study the contrast, I feel as if I can see into the object which in turn accesses a part of my brain I can't get to on my own.

I've been asked what I'm going to "do" with this new found activity. "Explore", I say, "and watch creativity unfold". My favorite pastime! 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Work on this piece has not been very consistent as I've had lots of other irons in the fire.  I keep her on my work table and every once in a while I sew a bead or two in place and play with the Shibori ribbon.  I love the way it looks like it's flying in the much so that I'm having a hard time sewing it in place!  I don't think she will be a brooch but rather a piece of wall art.  I'm kind of sad that I cut the ultra suede so small around her face as I'm thinking this may want to be a larger piece.  Hmmmm....I'm curious to see where this goes!

I've been slowly transitioning from the wearable art brooches to other art forms these past few months. I have no idea where it all will lead but have decided that it's time to start documenting the process. It may seem random ....clay face bowls....drawings from a class I'm taking....beaded pieces of jewelry or wall art but I have a feeling it will eventually all come together.  And if not, I'll have fun along the way!