Sunday, December 7, 2014

When to quit...

When a project is coming to a close, I often have to leave it alone for a couple of days in order to have a clear perspective.  When I've been working for hours at a time, I go down that rabbit hole and become so involved with the piece that I feel like it is me and I am it.  So much so, that I honestly can't see it objectively anymore.  I have learned over time and after some major mistakes, that it's best to take my time as I finish a piece and try different ideas rather than just stick with the plan.  Actually, my pieces don't have "a plan" but there's always that moment when I think I know the direction I'm going and I just plow ahead.  This is usually when I find out that the direction I've taken is a dead-end and no matter how I tweak it, it just isn't right.  I'm feeling happy with this new Goddess but only after ripping out a few different ideas first.  It chewed up some time but I think she's worth it!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I've been wanting to use these Keshi pearls for a very long time and this sweet face just begged to be surrounded by them.  Our trip to Maui in November, greatly influenced the color and flavor of the piece.  I see the ocean in her eyes and the hear the sound of the beach when I bead around her headdress.