Saturday, September 1, 2012


An unnamed presence 
showed up at my door not long ago.  
She insisted on being formed 
with low-fire clay and casually ignored warnings 
of my limited experience in that medium. 
I frankly described my one (and only) previous attempt 
ending up as pieces in the bottom of a kiln.  
She was not deterred. 
This was the result.

is an Italian name meaning 
The bearer of news.  
Her message;  
I'm to create others like her 
to be used as Prayer Bowls.  
A thought, wish, or prayer might be written 
and tossed inside to be carried out into the Universe.

Annunziata is made from low-fire white clay.
She has been painted with acrylic and sealed.
The holes are for possible bead work in the future.
She measures approximately 6"x 6"