Monday, November 2, 2009

THE SHADOW - 28/365

"Hey, don't worry about it...I'll be right here by your side ALL THE matter what. You can depend on me to give you the perspective you need to get through life day in and day out.

If things get a little too cheery or bright you can count on me to "gray" things up a bit. Kind of like putting on a pair of DARK sunglasses to help you see things as they REALLY are. That way you don't have to worry about all of that blinding and misleading sunshine, because I'll be here to tone it down a bit - to prepare you for the $*/t to hit the fan.

Oh, no need to thank me... it's my job."

My Reflection:

I've often wondered where negative thoughts come from. Are they floating around in the air like contagious bacteria just waiting to land on me when I least expect it? Is there something I can take, do or wear that will inoculate me from the "shadow virus" waiting for me in unexpected places?

Unlike my intuition, it plays on the negative - pulling me away from my intuitive center, making it difficult to listen to my inner voice that leads me to the creative light and away from danger. Two different voices - two different agendas.

I'm learning that I can't necessarily turn the "shadow" off - trying to do so only makes him speak louder. I think the key is to learn to tell the difference between the two and then making the choice to listen to my intuition instead.

Which voice do you hear?

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