Saturday, November 28, 2009

THE VILLAN - 54/365

"Why am I always the "bad guy?" I'm just telling the truth you know - people don't want to hear the truth but someone's got to tell it - I guess it might as well be me.

So, go ahead, call me the "bad guy" - I can take it. Besides, isn't there always supposed to be a "bad guy?"

My Reflection:

It takes a certain amount of courage to tell the truth. The fear that someone might not like me or be angry can stop me cold.

When that happens, I don't feel very good about myself and I wonder if the loss of my own integrity is worth the approval of others.

Maybe the focus should be on HOW I "tell the truth" not IF I should tell it. Perhaps one's ability to digest the truth, depends on the degree in which it is "respectively" given.

How do you tell the truth?

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