Saturday, December 19, 2009

THE "MATCH" MAKER - 75/365

"I don't understand why you have chosen that person as your friend - it is obvious that he's not a good match. Like a hat and scarf, it's important for people to "go together" and that person stands out like a "clown costume" in your wardrobe.

I can assure you that you'll be much happier if you simply allow me to "coordinate" the people in your life. Let me decide who should stay and who should be "consigned" elsewhere."

My Reflection:

I have always had an eclectic group of friends - well matched "pockets" of people who wouldn't necessarily all get along. This used to disturb me but I now realize that compatible matches between every person in my life isn't preferable or possible.

I've learned to enjoy the uniqueness of each individual and how some of their traits may be reflecting some of my own that are simply waiting to be drawn out and experienced.

Perhaps the definition of "well matched" could be any person or group who has the ability to become a "mirror" for us to better see ourselves.

What do your "mirrors" reflect?

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