Monday, December 7, 2009

THE PACK RAT - 63/365

"I'm not done with that yet. No, I'm not using it but if I give it to you and then find that I need it, I won't have it, so I'm keeping it.

What do you mean..."where will I put it?" I'll put it with all of the other stuff I'm not using...and if for some reason I can't find it when I need it I'll just go out and get another one. "

My Reflection:

I've come to the conclusion that I don't need most of the things I possess. If I threw most of it out the window I wouldn't miss it. Well, maybe that's not entirely accurate. There seems to be some law of the universe that states nothing of value is missed until it is given away.

Perhaps that's to remind me that the most valuable things in life aren't "tangible" and can't be "collected." Relationships for example, can't be put in a storage unit or stored in a basement - they must be acknowledged, nourished and cherished.

What kind of "collector" are you?

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