Wednesday, January 13, 2010

THE DAUNTED - 100/365

"If you ask me...365 heads are a long way to go. I'm only number 100...just imagine trying to come up with 265 more. Just the thought of it makes me nauseated."

My Reflection:

I've learned that the only thing that can make me feel overwhelmed is my own mind. If I let it get away with thinking only of "outcomes," I'll never find the courage to do anything because it will give me every possible reason for failure.

The purpose of this project has been to NOT THINK but to simply "create" - to NOT JUDGE but to simply "observe."

Have I been successful? Not all of the time. But learning to trust my creative process takes practice and a willingness to fail - be discouraged - and DO IT ANYWAY.

Thanks for YOUR encouragement along the way!

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