Thursday, January 14, 2010

THE PHANTOM - 101/365

"I'm an think you see me but you don't. You just WANT to see me so you do. Now, if you didn't want to see me you might see me anyway depending on whether or not I WANTED you to see me.

I know, I's complicated - but what do you expect from an illusion?"

My Reflection:

If I want to believe something is true, whether it be positive or negative, I'll always find the evidence I need to support my belief.

I know I have the power to shift my reality by shifting my focus but trying to force that shift doesn't seem to work - I only end up in an endless, positive/negative loop.

Perhaps in order to create the "optimum" reality - I simply need to look less for evidence to support my beliefs and instead ask myself WHICH "reality" I would like to see.

What's your reality?

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