Saturday, January 2, 2010


"A wild cougar was terrorizing the neighborhood - overturning garbage cans, killing pets and leaving gifts of fertilizer on our lawns. No one knew what to do so I took matters into my own hands. Wearing this disguise, I hid behind a tree and waited for just the right moment to scare the beast. You can't even imagine how frightened he was when I jumped out and yelled..........."BOO."

My Reflection:

Sometimes I wish I had more exciting stories to tell like killing a wild boar in Africa or climbing the highest peak in the Himalayas. But the truth is, the longer I'm around, the more I realize that it's often the little things that I find most meaningful. A loving conversation, a laugh-out-loud moment with friends or just some quiet time to myself.

Perhaps in the end, the most "interesting" life isn't the one filled with the most "dramatic" events but rather the one filled with the most "meaningful" moments.

What "meaningful" stories fill your life?

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