Saturday, January 16, 2010

THE ZOO-KEEPER - 103/365

"Why do I have to take care of EVERYBODY - can't they just take care of themselves for a change? They're always yelling and screaming about something - it's just a zoo around here.... I'm getting a headache."

My Reflection:

Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than discord between other people. But trying to be the one managing that, can feel like trying to get the monkeys and tigers in the zoo to play together in the same cage.

I'm wondering if some people just aren't meant to get along. And when I try and "fix things" between them, all I end up doing is taking away the opportunity for them to learn something about themselves and come to a better conclusion than I could ever bring about.

Perhaps I need to learn to be with my own "discomfort" before trying to manage the "harmony" I think someone else should be experiencing.

How do you keep the peace?

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