Monday, February 8, 2010


"It's easy when you think about is filled with a bunch of cherries just waiting to be picked - all I have to do is reach up and take one.

Of course they don't always taste so good which requires spitting that one out and taking another. If this happens too often I guess that's when life can become "the pits" instead of the bowl full of cherries."

My Reflection:

It's a curious thing when sometimes I feel like life is happening to me and other times I'm making life happen. I suppose that's the difference between feeling like I've got bowl full of cherries versus tripping over a bunch of pits.

Perhaps the pits are just part of eating the cherries and the sooner I accept that the more I'll enjoy one and not worry so much about the other.

How does your cherry tree grow?

Clay Ingredients:
Sculpey Translucent
Holtz Distress powder (black soot)
Dried Herbs (chervil leaves)

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