Saturday, February 6, 2010

THE DREAMER - 124/365

"I don't care how important it is - right now I want to concentrate on this wonderful image in my head. It's about the two of us...we're on a mountain top having a picnic. It's a beautiful day, we're happy, we're in love and we're discussing our fantastic life together.

What do you mean I'm living in a dream? Wait...what do you mean? Hey....come back"!

My Reflection:

I believe in the power of positive thinking, visualization and having a dream but I'm also aware that having a meaningful relationship requires much more than just some words or images I might have in my head. It requires my willingness to give whatever time and energy it will take to make that happen.

What does having a "meaningful" relationship mean to you?

Clay Ingredients:
Sculpey Translucent
Holtz Distress powder (vintage-photo)

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