Monday, February 1, 2010

THE PONDER-O-SIR - 119/365

"I'm giving that some thought....I'm going to mull it over....after I toss it around in my mind...then I'll try it on for size...maybe weigh it...then possibly chew on it some more...after which I'll consider ALL of the options before I make a firm decision."

My Reflection:

My father used to have a saying while playing cards...."study long, study wrong." I guess that's okay for playing poker but probably not applicable when faced with one of life's important choices. I'm always feeling a bit conflicted - on the one hand I want to make an intelligent decision on the other hand I don't want to obsess about it either.

Perhaps the best course of action is to sleep on it...then if it doesn't prove to be a good decision, I can always blame it on my subconscious! Ha...if that would only work! Maybe I just need to remind myself that there are no "wrong" decisions in life...simply opportunities to experience being "human."

How do you decide?

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