Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No matter what I am doing, I have always liked working at a fast pace, as it allows me to get into a meditative rhythm making me feel one with the action.  I have been known to "overthink" things and so this type of "doing" pulls me out  
of my thoughts and gives me a peaceful feeling.

Bead weaving, however, isn't something I can do "fast" as that not only leaves me unhappy with the outcome, but can result in many hours of "undoing" what took hours to do in the first place.  Instead, I've learned to slow my pace with deliberate and mindful movements as I watch and calculate the in and out of the needle as it pierces the fabric and attaches each bead into place.

Then, before I know it, the time to "think" is upon me again along with questions like;  which new beads should I choose, what colors, sizes and shapes will add to the overall essence and which ones will try and dominate; taking the piece in an entirely different direction? My mind inevitably loops around in circles as it tries to decide; pulled this way and that like a kid in a candy store who can't decide which colorful piece of sugar to pop in her mouth.

Coming to this place over and over again, I've come to the conclusion that "thinking" isn't quite the way to answer these questions.   Instead, I find that "feeling" or "sensing" which beads want to be included and where they want to be placed allows me to share the responsibility of the overall design with them and in doing so, gives the piece it's own energy, esthetics and unique personality.

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