Friday, December 4, 2009

THE TIMER - 60/365

"It's getting late, don't you think you should be going? It will take at least fifteen minutes to get there and you might run into traffic which means you need to allow another ten minutes...maybe more.

Wait...before you go, you should figure out what time you want to return - that way you'll know what time to leave. Be sure and factor in the weather - it's supposed to be sunny and you know how blinding sunsets can be so you may want to leave a little earlier."

My Reflection:

Sometimes I can be obsessed with the time - always calculating how long it will take to get ready and then how long it will take to get to my destination.

After I have that all figured out, I try and cram in as much as possible before the determined departure time - hoping to accomplish just a little bit more. Of course that never only makes me late.

I'm learning that time only cooperates when it's honored.

What's the meaning of "time" to you?

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