Tuesday, January 26, 2010

THE ENFORCER - 113/365

"Why do you say you'll do things you have no intention of doing? The garbage is overflowing, the counters are dirty, your underwear is on the floor and the toilet seat is guess where? Yes...UP!

It's a good thing I'm around to point out what you're NOT doing otherwise you'd not do it and get away with it."

My Reflection:

Change is complicated. Actions and reactions are ingrained like a grooves in a record and every time that record plays, it follows the same path.

I'm learning that if I really want to change the way I respond, I must first understand "why" it's important - "what" it will mean if I do and what it will mean if I don't. And after I've answered those questions I have to ask myself the most important one...do I still "want" to make the change and if so what would the "benefits" look like?

This sounds complicated and it does require some thought - but I've found that trying to change the grooves on an existing record isn't really possible - the only way to make a change is to cut a new one.

How do you change your behavior?

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