Monday, January 25, 2010


"Uhhhhhh....I don't know. It's possible I might want to do that...but maybe not. I don't know. Not sure. Just can't say...maybe yes, maybe no. Hmmmm....let's see. ........Okay...YES...YES...Yes...yes..y....wellllllll...maybe not. Uhhhhhhh...I don't know."

My Reflection:

What is so hard about making a decision or taking a stand? Is it really THAT important to be right? I guess the answer is "yes"...why would I want to be wrong?

On the other hand, why not just accept that there are consequences to EVERY decision and what may seem like a bad consequence for today, might possibly transform into something good tomorrow?

Perhaps the best decisions are the ones made with the highest intention and the least expectation - that way, no matter what happens I'll know I made the decision with integrity.

How do you make decisions?

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