Friday, February 5, 2010

THE GOODY-2-SHOES - 123/365

"Are YOU okay? I want to make sure YOU'RE okay...don't worry about me happiness depends on YOU. If YOU'RE happy I'm happy.

If you are sad I hope it's my fault because if it's my fault then I can do something about it....please tell me it's MY fault?"

My Reflection:

I've tried often enough to know that taking responsibility for another person's happiness is a sure way to end up with two unhappy people. While I don't want to cause another person to be sad, happiness is never found at another's expense whether it be theirs OR mine.

I'm beginning to learn that "happiness" is fleeting when it depends on the actions of others. Perhaps true "happiness" is simply a sense of "well-being" that comes from knowing I have the ability to choose how I'll respond to whatever life's circumstances may be.

How do you find "happiness?"

Clay Ingredients:
Sculpey Translucent
Holtz Distress powder (vintage-photo)

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