Sunday, January 31, 2010

THE WONDER-BOY - 118/365

"Oh, it's no big deal...I can do that for you. I'll do it right after I finish painting the house, building a fire pit and hand-waxing the car. And by the way, would you like to come for dinner?"

My Reflection:

Once I get on a roll I like to see just how many things I can do in one day and live to tell about it. I also have fantasies of putting my feet up, clicking on the TV and giving myself a manicure as some kind of reward for accomplishing such an amazing "to-do" list. Strangely enough this never happens. Instead of feeling tired but content, I usually end up feeling wired and unable to stop - kind of like a wind-up bunny with a failed "off" button.

It's a tough lesson, but I'm learning that the "joy of living" doesn't happen at the end of the day after accomplishing a mountain of tasks but rather by finding joy in the task at hand.

How many things do you try and do in one day?

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