Sunday, October 3, 2010


the moment you think you are an angel
you no longer carry that title


Michele Tomich said...


The "arrogant angel" is perfect. Our sense of entitlement, need for approval and acknowledgment for things we have done in the name of good Samaritan.

Sending love and peace to you and your sister.

Michele (Averbuck) Tomich

Sue Ellen said...

In my opinion, the title of “ANGEL” cannot be bestowed upon oneself but rather must be given by others. Then once honored, it takes tremendous will power to ignore the title - for like the sun that pulls on the moon, it is nearly impossible not to fixate on the wings that have been placed upon one’s back.

It is a tremendous burden to fixate on a pair of wings. They’re heavy and carry a great deal of responsibility. One must always be in the air flying around, looking for needy souls. One must always do the ‘right’ thing for there is potentially great harm one can do if not careful. Wings are also an implication of perfection by the carrier - after all, what angel makes mistakes?

True angels are unaware of their status. They see themselves as ordinary human beings who simply care about others; who are not afraid to show it and expect nothing in return. Perhaps we all have wings; wings that emerge to the degree our need for their recognition recedes.