Sunday, November 7, 2010


While art can be subjective, for me, creativity is the ability to put together an unlikely combination of ideas to find a useful solution to a problem.  A sense of satisfaction comes from executing a task in a technically skillful manner with an outcome I feel proud to display.  Unfortunately, this head didn't achieve that goal.

It started out okay but began to look sloppy as I tried to figure out how to bring the beads up the back of the head and over the top of his scull.  I had a vision of a head wrapped in tiny beads like ancient chainmail.  His ears were too big and made it difficult to navigate from front to back.  A more skillful bead artist could have figured it out.  Perhaps I'll give it more thought and try and again some time in the future.  

In the meantime, I'm itching to get to some bead embroidery using faces, heads and vintage beads.  

Beaders...please feel free to offer some suggestions on how I might have been more successful!

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Janet at New Moon Glass said...

Whewww! I applaud tour effort Sue!

And I love all your Talking Heads!