Sunday, August 30, 2015

How did THAT emerge?

In case you can't tell, you're looking at sheet that's draped over a large canvas. This technique is new to me.  I'm used to drawing with graphite and adding layers upon layers of pencil to achieve what I'm looking for....usually going from light to shadow. This is charcoal and requires me to look at the subject matter in an entirely different way. I'm supposed to see large sections of shadow and highlight without focusing on the details.  It's SO hard to do!  It feels like I'm going nowhere as I work on it and then my teacher has me step back and voila comes off the page like magic!  I'd like to take credit for this because I really like the outcome but unfortunately, I'm not sure how it happened so I'm going to just say that somewhere deep inside, I must be able to see like an artist - it just hasn't hit my conscious mind yet:)

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