Thursday, October 29, 2009


“I’m trying to hear what you’re saying...I’m trying really, really hard but your face doesn’t go with the words coming out of your mouth. They don’t match - the words and the face - they just don’t go together. I can’t listen to two things at once ya know...I get mixed up. Let’s see...which one do I listen to...the words...the face...the words...the face...which one?

Here’s an idea...take your face and words away somewhere and let them hash it out. After you do that, come back and I’ll be all ears.”

My Reflection:

I must have a little ADD because sometimes I can become very distracted while talking with someone. It’s like there are three conversations going on at the same time. The words they are saying, the expression on their face and the voice in my head - all talking at once and all saying something totally different. At this point, I usually shut down - my eyes glaze over and I "check out" which usually makes me feel better in the moment but not in the long run. I’m left with a feeling that I could have done something else but what?

Two things come to mind - one, I could ask more questions and two, I could quiet the voice in my own head and listen more carefully to their answers. And who knows, maybe that would influence the face and words to start reading off of the same page.


What do you do when things don’t add up?


Rosa said...

Wow. I finally had a minute to take a look. So I love the Flatulator. The Cowboy hat is very cute and I really like the Listener (great ears).

Your work is great.

Riancaraco said...

I can identify with this one. What happens for me is that someone is talking and I'm obseving them and their far and then suddenly I hear this voice in my head tell me what is really going on. So I can pick up on peoples up
unspoken language, read between the lines or the words that they are saying. Sometimes it has more to do with their voice than their body language. This goes along with another one of your heads awhile back. I think the postulator. I start to change who I am in hopes of making someone else more comfortable or less passive. Well then I end up just taking on their energy or passivity and become them rather than just be comfortable having real empathy and accepting people where they are at without doing anything to try and make them feel more comfortable in their skin by me acting uncomfortable in mine. Hope this makes sense. It's kind of difficult to describe. Great ears on this guy! I like it!