Thursday, November 5, 2009


"You either get headaches or you give them - one or the other so which one is it? Personally, I'd rather give them but I suppose if I do that all the time it wouldn't be fair so once in a while I take one for myself.

While I don't care for the discomfort, the side benefits can be pretty good. Like putting my feet up in the middle of the day with a cool ice pack on my head or a steamy hot towel. Sometimes I even get a head rub. I guess you could say that it's also a good way to avoid the stuff I don't feel like doing... no one wants to bother you if you don't feel well.

Oh gee, I wish I could run that errand for you but I've got a terrible headache."

My Reflection:

I really do suffer from bad headaches. I used to get them all time starting when I was a little girl - they escalated in puberty - and as a young adult I could get up to two migraines a week. One good thing about menopause, however, is that most of my headaches disappeared along with ....well, you know.

I think another reason they've diminished is because of my improved ability to communicate my feelings. I used to store up a lot of tension along with those unexpressed thoughts until they would exploded in the form of a horrible migraine.

Some people might even say that I've improved my ability to communicate so much so that I've now become the headache "giver" instead of the headache "receiver." I hope not - I'd never want to purposely give one of those awful things to anyone - even someone I don't like.


Is it better to "give" than to "receive?"


pberger007 said...

That question I can answer outright.....Giving is sooooo much better. I have been a giver for as long as I can remember. I never have to think twice about doing it.People around me know thats one of my best qualities. Though sometimes I wonder if the reason I do that( I really hate to admit this!1)is because I want to be liked more, ok I said it. This is the first time I ever said it out loud. I would like to think of myself as a "self-assured" person and I can live without everyone liking me, but that is a question I ask myself and others, can I really answer that question truthfully?
On the other hand it ain't to bad to receive either!!!!Patti

Sue Ellen said...

Shhh...I have to admit that I too like to "give" to be liked more - I certainly don't give to be liked less! But for me, my headaches often come when giving to others isn't balanced with enough giving to myself. This "pleaser" role can turn me into the headache "receiver!"