Tuesday, December 8, 2009


"I've got my antenna up so I can hear EVERY word!

Sh...if you keep talking to me, I might miss something important - some tidbit of information that I can collect and use later on.

Besides, if I don't listen in, how will I know what people REALLY think? No one ever tells the truth - and I need to know the TRUTH."

My Reflection:

I often wonder, what is the "truth?" Is it information based on "facts" or information based on my assessment of the facts?

I've noticed that when I jump to a conclusion that I "know" the truth, the less likely it is to be "the truth." On the other hand, the more questions I ask, the more facts I uncover, the closer I come to an accurate assessment of the situation which allows me to create a truth that is right for me.

I've learned that the "truth" doesn't reside in one location - it hides in many different places at the same time and only reveals itself when it is genuinely pursued.

How do you pursue the truth?

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