Tuesday, December 29, 2009


"I prefer not to look, that way I can love you just the way you are."

My Reflection:

What if I "look" and love you anyway - would that be "unconditional love?"

I find this easier to do if what I'm looking at doesn't remind me of some "unaccepted" part of myself.

So, perhaps before I can learn to love others "unconditionally" I must first take away the "conditions" for love that I've placed upon myself.

How "conditionally" do you love yourself?


pberger007 said...

I believe I have to love myself "unconditionally" because if I don't how do I expect others
to love me"unconditionally." You need to let other see that "window
of your soul" because then, possibly, they can see why you love
yourself unconditionally. Is that kinda twisted?

Sue Ellen said...

I think accepting myself (particularly my faults) is the first step toward loving myself "unconditionally." Perhaps it's the "acknowledgment" of those faults that allows others the ability to have access to that "window" you refer to?