Sunday, December 13, 2009


"Sh...can't you see I'm listening to the voice of the universe? Don't think around me when I'm "tuned-in", it's distracting.

If you're going to think then think somewhere else. This is IMPORTANT information I'm getting here and your mundane thoughts are very annoying."

My Reflection:

As much as I try to "quiet" my mind, erratic, sudden burst of scattered thoughts are always present. As I bat one away, another moves in like a fly buzzing around my head determined to find a place to land.

The more I try and "control" them - the more "out of control" they seem to be. Perhaps thoughts can never really be "controlled" - only "observed" and if I really listen to them without the need to answer OR control them, I'll also begin to notice the gaps of silence in-between.

How do you notice the silence between your thoughts?

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