Sunday, January 24, 2010

THE MODIFIER - 111/365

"What do you mean this isn't what you thought it would be? It's exactly what we talked about...EXACTLY...with just a few minor changes - so now it's just a "different exact" that's all."

My Reflection:

Agreements can break for a variety of reasons - as life unfolds, circumstances change or things happen to alter the feasibility of an original plan. Many times, the change can actually be for the better - leaving both parties satisfied with a more favorable outcome.

The problem isn't necessarily with the change but with the lack of communication about the change which can leave mistrust in its wake. I'm learning that when there's an "agreement there's also a "partnership" and for each partner satisfaction may not necessarily take place with a successful "outcome" but rather rather "how" the outcome is achieved.

How do you "modify" your agreements?

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