Monday, October 4, 2010

THE GUARDIAN - 364/365

'to protect' doesn't necessarily mean 
'to love'
and 'to love'
doesn't necessarily mean 'to protect'

2 comments: said...

OMG. One day to go. You have done a phenomenal job over the past year - especially given the challenges you've had. You are just plain amazing.

Sue Ellen said...

What exactly does it mean to "protect" those we love? Is it our "job" or "duty" to do so? Do we do it for them or for us? And when does "protecting" become harmful; when does it get in the way of another person's growth and ability to learn to protect themselves?

These are the questions I begin to ask myself as I reach out to block the potential blows life may give to one of my adult children. Will the blow kill her? No. Will it knock her down? Maybe. Will she get up again; stronger, more agile and smarter from the experience? Perhaps.

While I don't have the answer to these questions, I do know that if I continue to "protect" her from these experiences, life will simply lay more of them at her feet until they are too numerous for me to defend and she too weak in confidence to defend herself.

Strength is created by either one of two things; learning to remain standing while receiving life's blows or building the strength to get up again when knocked to the ground.

Perhaps real love is the ability to simply love someone while they learn the art of protecting themselves.