Wednesday, October 6, 2010


365 Talking Heads
dedicated to my sister

who helped me when I didn't know I needed help
who believed in me until I  could believe in myself
and who loved me no matter what

I will miss you


Phil said...

My sweet girl;
What a wonderful and loving way to end your project.......dedicating it to Margaret. I wish she could see it; I hope you've read it to her.

I am very proud of you. You've done so many unique and creative things over the years. But this one was "over the top." You combined the "face" with the "words" for 365 days. You didn't miss a day even when some of those days were very, very difficult. It may have been the most emotionally difficult year of your life....but you went on...determined to complete the year. And, of course, in some ways it became your therapy and a mechanism to cope with difficult times: Moma's illness and death and then Margaret's illnesses and ultimate death. Two of the most important people in your 60 years on the planet.
Your are an incredible person and we are all so very fortunate to have in our lives.

TK (alias) Philabuster said...

Happy Birthday, Sue Ellen! You must have quite a sense of accomplishment. I especially appreciated your musings about the fate of your life-size clay self portrait. How astute to perceive the blessing rather than focus on the loss. The final image with the daily heads surrounding the fragment is very powerful.

Here's to a 60th year filled with joy and significance.

Laurie Lamoureux said...

Congratulations, Sue Ellen! Your heads have been a daily visual and intellectual treat. You are an inspiration and testimonial to perseverance and dedication.

Much success and happiness to you in your next project(s)!