Thursday, January 16, 2014

I love the unpredictability of natural beads; you never know exactly what they will do until the needle penetrates the back and the thread is pulled taught.  The same can be said for the glass, Japanese seed beads but they are much more uniform and are more likely to behave themselves!  

I like to think of the beads as living entities; each with a unique personality.  Sometimes a tiny bead just won't cooperate and try as I may just won't allow itself to be scooped up by the needle.  That's when I imagine they might not belong so I go in search of another to pair with the group already threaded.  I know, it's crazy but I like to think each bead is part of a family and has a story to tell but can't tell that story if they aren't placed exactly where they are meant to go.  

I often wonder when a piece has been completed if the message it conveys might not be quite the same if certain beads hadn't been included.  Wouldn't it be possible that the piece might go in an entirely different direction and the outcome unrecognizable to the finished piece I hold in my hand?

Life is similar to beading; small choices made along the way can make a huge impact on the final outcome.

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