Saturday, January 18, 2014


I feel strongly that my intention as I bead is important which is why I don't do anything else while beading like watch TV or listen to an audio book.  I not only want to "listen" to the beads and what they have to say (and believe me, they say plenty) but also want to put as much positive energy into the piece as I can and this isn't possible if I'm doing something else.  

As I finish a piece and start the "separation process", I think of sending it out into the world and what I might do to insure my positive thoughts and energy go with it as it seeks a new home.  

Before sewing the ultra-suede backing into place, I glue a magnet, some fabric lining and a piece of cardboard to the back of the face to give it some stability; a perfect place to write a few positive words of encouragement!  I got the idea from my mentor/friend, Ronna Sarvis Weltman whose amazing work in polymer clay can be viewed on   Ronna will often write loving prayers in tiny script; illegible, squiggly lines that are part of the design.

Do they make any difference?  I have no idea, but if words are powerful when we speak them then why not when we write them even if they are hidden?  

If I assume my intentions and actions make a difference, perhaps they will.

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