Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"I'm getting ready to go out. I'm not "out" yet but I'm getting ready. "Getting ready" is important - if you don't "get ready" to go and and just "go out" then you're probably going to look a mess and that's not a smart thing to do.

If you're going to be taken seriously in this world then you need to look like you're going out into the world "on purpose" not by accident. For example, if you're dressed in sweats and a t-shirt with an ugly cap on your head then it's going to look like something caught you by surprise - something you weren't prepared for - something that is in control of YOU instead of you being in control of IT.

So, which is it, do you want people to think things control you or that you're in control of things. If you want the later then you're going to have to put some thought into GETTING READY."

My Reflection:

My sister always told me to never - no matter what - never go out in hair curlers or without make-up because you never know who you're going to run into. And sure enough, whenever I try and sneak out - just for a few minutes - just to pick up something at the store...sure enough, I run into people I know. Or, someone I haven't seen in years and I find myself making all kinds of excuses...."oh, I should have known I'd run into someone dressed like this"...."oh, I was just running out to pick up some medicine...I don't usually look like this...blah, blah, blah."

It's unfortunate that how we look makes an impression and for some people, they don't care, but unfortunately, I've been conditioned to care. I can say that it shouldn't matter and if people don't like the way I look...tough...but the truth is that I'm the one who's embarrassed not the other person and no matter how many times I try and run it through my head that it's "ok" to just be "me" ...it's not.

How do you present yourself?

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