Tuesday, December 22, 2009


"I'd like to express my opinion but I'm a "team player" so that's not possible. It's not possible because if I had my own opinion then I wouldn't be a "team player" anymore and if that were to happen then WHO would I be?

No, I'd rather know who I am even if I don't always like who I am rather than NOT know who I am and not like that either."

My Reflection:

Transformation is a difficult process that requires a good deal of "trust" that somehow everything will turn out okay. I guess that's why, at times, I have to be dragged into the "transformational arena" where I'm sure there are supernatural entities just waiting to eat me alive. And like The Team Player, I'd just assume stay where I am rather than face the unfamiliar.

But I'm learning that the more I allow myself to "let go" of the "familiar" place I'm in, the more I learn to trust my ability to end up in a better place than I could have ever imagined.

What's your "transformational" level of comfort?

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