Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Come over here to my tent... you know you are dying to see what is inside. Why should I tell you what it is? You need to come in to see for yourself - it is so amazing I cannot even describe it. But I will tell you that it is something you have never seen before - something so exotic - so fantastic that when you see it you will be changed forever. The cost? What does the cost matter when you will be getting something that is priceless? Besides, I will not take your money, instead I will take something you cannot see and may not even be aware that you have. Your soul is an excellent exchange don’t you think? In fact, I doubt you will even miss it.

My Reflection:

I can always tell when I’m being lured into something. I get this funny feeling in my solar plexus that literally feels like it’s tugging on me. At the same time that’s happening - I’m getting a faint message that this is not what it seems and should be avoided. Sometimes I have the ability to turn away and let the cord that’s attached itself to me to disengage - but sometimes for reasons I can’t quite explain I allow myself to be sucked in. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t be connected to my spirit and someone else’s cord all at the same time - it’s either one or the other.


What are you connected to?

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Unknown said...

This guy sent chills through my body! Many times I loose part of my soul to other people. Sometimes my soul has to work double to get me through certain situations. I've seen a Shaman before who specializes in soul retrieval. She says that when we encounter difficult times we usually leave part of our souls behind. Most souls will eventually find their way back to their core but sometimes it helps to have a ritual performed to add in the process. It's quite the relaxing and peaceful experience. I would like to learn how to retrieve or call back my soul on my own. On a totally other note, if I do something that falls in line with going against my better judgement or spiritual intuition part of growing up and allowing myself to be human is having faith that I am still ok regardless of my mistakes or "bad" decisions. As long as I'm willing to grow and set right the wrong I have caused then there is nothing I can't heal from. Healing may even come immediately if I am ready and willing.